Take a peek inside...Dan Callaghan, Oregon’s consummate natural photographer, is immortalized in this book of his home river, the North Umpqua. Dan had an inquisitive mind, a sharp artist’s eye, a touch of whimsy, and a tenacity for perfection. He captured the essence of the Umpqua River in all her glory during the best and worst of conditions. His art displays the splendor of the seasons: the bleak and startling beauty of winter, the rejuvenation of spring, the lushness of summer, and the unsurpassed brilliance of fall. Anglers at the height of their rhythm, intensity, and joy were preserved by his shutter. This spectacular photographic journey will bring you closer to the North Umpqua, closer to nature, perhaps closer to yourself.

This book has 156 of Dan's best photographs from an incredible collection taken over the 50 years he carried on his love affair with the North Umpqua. Dan's customized fishing and photography van with the vanity plates Cabin 1, still roams the river with Lee Spencer, volunteer guardian of steelhead for The North Umpqua Foundation, on Steamboat Creek. It is our hope that this book will serve to enhance everyone's appreciation of the North Umpqua river and its fish and wildlife.
Mary Kay Callaghan & Jim Van Loan


Dan Callaghan's North Umpqua is available in two different editions: